Keeping documents secure before Shredding


Keeping documents secure before Shredding

We provide a first class Off-site Shredding service that can not be likened to any other on the market. Our Off-site shredding service involves us coming into your office and collecting everything, in person.

The question will arise; how are documents kept secure before shredding?

When you choose a routine shredding service from us you will be provided with confidential waste bins according to your requirements. These are kept in your office and they are locked at all times. They are only opened when we service your site.

Our Shredding Officers have undergone an extensive background check and they will serve you in a secure and confidential fashion.

The documents are taken back to our facilities. All our vehicles have tracking devices installed and we have 24 hour monitoring systems in place; all shredding that takes place at our facility is definitely secure and threat free.

Following this, as you will know, we will then provide you with your confidential waste certificate.

How are documents kept secure during and after shredding?

The documents are locked away in our security modified vehicles until they arrive at our facility. The shredding will take place; the shredded paper will now be smaller than your thumbnail. It is then locked away until it reaches our recycling facility.

What happens to the paper after it is shredded?

The shredded paper is recycled and is repurposed into many consumer-use products. Paper recycling is one of the fantastic bonuses of shredding. Not only have you remained compliant with the Data Protection Act, you have kept your confidential data safe and you are helping the environment.
Another great thing to tell your clients about.

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