SO Recycle Gives Printers Return on Their Waste


SO Recycle Gives Printers Return on Their Waste

Printers are adept at looking at every avenue to make savings where possible in the supply chain but many are missing on the opportunity to earn an income from a significant by-product of the production process – their waste.

SO Recycle, part of SO Group, has been expanded to help printers get some financial return for their waste paper board and card.

“SO Recycle has established a strong reputation for providing office recycling services and after recognising the potential of bulk recycling for printers we decided to broaden our reach,” explains Bill Murray, Director.

“Every print operation has waste of some kind and we can turn that into cash within an industry-leading 14 days,” continues Murray. “We can handle any quantity so rather than printers having it sitting around we can turn it into cash very quickly and this adds to the bottom-line immediately. We recycle 100% of the waste and it is then processed into new material. Everyone wins.”

Benefits of SO Recycle
• 14 day payment
• Flexible quantity
• Flexible collections
• Recycle film, paper and card
• Best rebates
• Services 60 mile radius

Adds Murray: “Any extra money printers get from their waste goes direct to their bottom line and it costs them nothing to produce. Plus they get a regular standing order every week – guaranteed.”

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