Entrance Mat rental - how to improve first impressions


Entrance mat rental: how to improve first impressions

Your entrance mat, positioned in arguably the highest-traffic area of your business premises, takes the brunt of our British weather and saves your flooring from dirty soles.

It’s also the first visual impression a visitor has of your business, so it’s important that you make it a good one!

Even if you have your office cleaned on a daily basis, you may be fighting a losing battle trying to keep your entrance mats in a pristine condition. So what’s the answer to the entrance mat dilemma?

Because first impressions count!

Your entrance or reception area can subliminally influence how somebody feels about your brand, judging the quality of your products, services and the way you do business on the appearance and cleanliness of your premises.

Both your visitors and staff will appreciate a clean and modern reception area. Staff will feel proud they belong to a company with high standards and visitors will be impressed by your attention to detail. Don’t forget new recruits. In a candidate-driven market, you want to ensure you attract the best employees to your business and they are not put off by an unkempt reception area. Who would have thought that the humble entrance mat could hold so much importance!

Using SO’s office mat rental and cleaning service removes the issue of a dirty entrance mat. Either fortnightly or monthly, we replace your mat with an identical version that has been deep-cleaned to look like new. Choose from our standard range of colours and sizes or opt for a bespoke floor mat rental service, branded with your company logo or message.

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Want a mat rental quotation? Our office mat rental and cleaning service is an affordable way to give your visitors the right impression of your business. Prices start from as little as £1 per week.


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