Hot and Cold Water dispensers for rent & hire


Small businesses waste 44 days each year making tea. Here's why hot and cold water dispensers make business sense.

According to industry research, the average Brit spends 24 minutes a day making hot drinks at work.

24 minutes may not sound much, but calculate the number of staff in your business and the minutes quickly escalate into days of wasted time each year. So who’s the time-waster? The office kettle! With many kettles taking at least two to four minutes to boil, the humble kettle evaporates time in the workplace.

So what’s the answer? Replacing your kettle with an instant hot water dispenser or water boiler.

Renting a hot and cold water dispenser or water boiler from SO Water makes perfect sense if your business is looking for ways to become more efficient while still providing the facilities to make a good brew.

With fast access to instant hot water, both our Hot and Cold Water Dispensers and Water Boilers allow your staff to make their cups of tea and coffee within a few seconds, substantially reducing tea-run time.

Compact in design and easy to move, Hot and Cold Water Dispensers can be situated anywhere in your office because they don’t need to be attached to the mains water (just plug into the electrical mains and off you go!) and get their water supply from a water bottle. You simply rent the water dispenser from SO, and we regularly drop off water bottles to ensure you have a constant supply of fresh water. Periodically, SO will also sanitise your office water dispenser, guaranteeing the delivery of clean and healthy water.

Say goodbye to your office kettle and hello to a SO hot water dispenser.

With the price of renting a Hot and Cold Water Dispenser starting from as little as £7.38 per week, contact us today for a quotation.

We're offering 3 months free rental during June - contact us today to enjoy this special offer.

Handy Tip: With one of our hot water dispensers and hot water boilers, individuals can make a hot drink in seconds and be back to work in no time.

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