Combating the bin raiders with Confidential Waste bins


Corporate bin raiders - is your business at risk?

How certain are you that your confidential waste isn’t falling into the wrong hands? From a simple quotation containing the details of a valuable new business opportunity through to confidential documents regarding members of your staff – it’s amazing what ends up in the bin. Moreover, with criminal corporate ‘bin raiding’ escalating in the UK, it’s something every company needs to address.

Your business may have already invested in a shredding machine, but the process can be tiresome tempting busy employees to just ‘bin it’ rather than disposing of it in the correct manner. Shredders also have that annoying habit of breaking down, causing more annoyance, time-wasting and leaving your confidential waste disposal policy vulnerable.

Forget shredding – get SO Confidential! £5 per week, per bin

SO Group’s Confidential Waste bins are the fast and efficient solution for dealing with your confidential paper waste.


“Our confidential waste bins are locked, so all your staff need to do is post their sheets of paper into our bins – no shredding required! Our SO team collect your bins on a monthly basis and all shredding takes place at our secure recycling plant. SO Customers love the bins because they are such a quick and easy solution for handling confidential waste – staff use with ease and the businesses benefit from another time-saving process.“ says Bill Murray, Director at the SO Group.

The average company (35 or less staff) should need only one confidential waste bin to dispose of:

• Quotations and invoices
• Business plans
• Employee information
• Contact details
• Customer information
• Contracts
• Letters and documents containing sensitive information
• Old information
• Lead generation documentation

In fact, any paper item that contains information that you wouldn’t want getting into the wrong hands.

You may be surprised to hear that the confidential waste bin service costs you only £5+VAT per week per bin. Order your confidential waste bin today


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