FAQ - Why Shred?


FAQ - Why Shred?

Following on from our FAQ blog we will now answer the first bullet point - Why Shred?

Every type of organisation creates confidential documents and data in a variety of forms. The Data Protection Act imposes a necessary duty of care in how this information is treated and then disposed of. This obviously creates a long list of responsibilities and accountabilities for all business types.

A responsible organisation will recognise the need to destroy all documents and data when it is no longer required and appreciate the risks of not doing so.

Shredding is without a doubt one of the most effective methods of destroying both documents and data storage devices. As you may well know, using a professional shredding company can save you time, money and embarrassment. Using a professional shredding company will also provide you and any you have dealings with, complete peace of mind.

So does that answer the first question for you?

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