FAQ - Why can't I shred using an office shredder?


FAQ - Why can't I shred using an office shredder?

Following on from our FAQ blog, we will now review the second bullet point - Why can’t I shred using an office shredder?

Truth be told, you can. It is worth noting that you need to be aware of the costs and implications that the Do It Yourself Approach will have for you and your organisation. In-house shredding can cost a lot of time, money and effort if it is done correctly.

If you are considering shredding confidential documents in-house, have you also considered the management, administration and staff time that will be involved? Have you thought over the cost of machinery, maintenance and back-up costs of disposal?

It may sound like a smaller topic but it will be noticed; shredding in-house is noisy and messy - this will not be conductive to the office environment.

The final area we would encourage you to think over is that of the ‘effectiveness of the actual operation’. Confidential items may be left lying around for days awaiting destruction, and needless to say they run the risk of being confused with standard office waste.

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