FAQ - is it enough?


FAQ - my cleaners say that they can take care of it - is that enough?

Many cleaning companies will state that they can take care of your shredding, confidential document and data destruction requirements.

We have even heard of the attractive offers that are made. All we will say here is, please be aware of the pitfalls.

What you should know

Many cleaning contractors actually outsource the shredding process, placing at least one middleman between you and the service that you require. The additional person and additional processes may compromise the quality and effectiveness of the service.

You may well have already thought about this last point.
Keep in mind that you will run the risk of having confidential waste mixed up with general office rubbish. There is also the potential for this to not be handled in as secure a manner as it should be; either way the end result will now look good for you.

Paper Shredding the right way

If you want this dealt with in a way that gives you complete peace of mind, why not speak to us.

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