How much Confidential Waste?


How much Confidential Waste?

The Data Protection Act applies to, and affects, everyone. Therefore, we actually offer our services to every business regardless of size, and regardless of how much data needs to be destroyed or shred.

Shredding for everyone

In order to be cost effective, we would recommend that you take advantage of our office general waste and office recycling services too.
These will take care of multiple needs and qualify your business for extensive discounts and offers.

We are proud to offer a range of containers, services and flexible agreements to suit all businesses. We have found that with this approach, our business and service is both efficient and cost effective.

What sort of container will I need?

We can offer a wide range of containers and you are welcome to have whatever fulfils your requirements.

We usually supply a secure locked bin as standard. This prevents unauthorised access to confidential materials. We use security sacks where manual handling regulations dictate.

Our shredding specialist will be able to advise you on the most appropriate containers for your business needs.

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