Water Coolers


Improve Mental & Physical Performance with SO

Looking for Water Coolers for your Office? Speak to our team at SO. Our water coolers are practical, convenient and affordable; everything that a business owner, facilities manager & home owner wants.

Benefits of Water Coolers

Having water coolers in your office has many benefits that are experienced over and over. You may be aware that your team and members of staff will perform better when they're hydrated. Tests have been able to show an increase of over 20%, in mental and physical performance.

Here at SO we have the perfect solution to all you office water cooler and hydration needs.
It goes without saying that your staff will remain hydrated and thirst free for the entire day thanks to our cool, clean and fresh water water coolers that are within arms reach.

SO Water Coolers - What can you expect?

Our water coolers offer cool refreshing water and hot water for coffee and tea at just the push of a button. Your staff will always have access to water at the temperature that suits them.

Our main aim is to cater for your office needs with our office waste, general waste and confidential waste collection service. The way we collect this does not disturb any of your staff.

If you want to read about the benefits of water and why you should stay fully hyrdrated, click here.

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