Going above and beyond for one office recycling customer


Going above and beyond for one office recycling customer

Recently we had a call from a distressed customer who had accidently put an envelope containing a business critical letter in their recycling bin.

Because of the envelope’s importance, Catherine at SO immediately contacted our sorting warehouse to stop the waste processing. Sifting through 20 tons of waste paper, our knight in shining armour (aka SO’s Operations Manager!) amazingly did find the envelope which was subsequently hand-delivered to the client’s office on the same day. Panic over! Happy customer!

“Thank you for your email and I can confirm that we received the envelope yesterday. Thank you for all the trouble you went to and for acting on it so quickly. I am sure it would not have been much longer before it became too late. And thank you for the personal service of delivering it to us the same day. We cannot thank you enough for your actions yesterday.”

Fanner, Working Environments

Utilising the services of a family business like SO for your office recycling means that in an emergency we have the power to act fast, save your bacon and offer a superior customer experience.

If you’re a company currently using a larger national waste disposal company for your office recycling, then why not trial SO? We offer a two-week FREE trial of our bin for life service for all companies located within the M3 and M27 corridors. Arrange your free trial today by calling us on 023 9026 5254 or use the link below and we’ll call you back.


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