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The window to the sole: insights of a mat rental service

Forget the famous quote “don’t judge another person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes”. If we’re honest, the truth is that many of us do occasionally judge a person by their footwear. And if there’s one thing our mat rental service has seen a few of, it’s shoes.

So, how doth the shoe maketh the man/woman? Let’s start with the gentlemen…

Plain black leather brogues

Plain black leather brogue man doesn’t have as much time as the rest of us to think about shoes. He’s focused on the bigger issues and just wants to polish, lace and do that deal. Always smart and professional; he doesn’t like to give away too much about himself at work. Never reveal your cards (or your toes). That’s his motto.

Desert boots

Approachable yet cool. Desert boot guy likes to show that he’s in touch with ‘what’s happening’ but in that classic, low key way. He has an authentic quality (must be the beard) and probably collects vinyl.


Plimsoles at work? He’s been told, he just forgets. He also overlooks socks. There’s still a bit of Ibiza sand stuck in around his toes and, hey, he really likes that feeling.

Driving shoes

No time for a pit-stop to lace up; this man likes to slip ‘em on and keep the show on the road. Practical to the end, he learnt the hard way what a long stretch of motorway can do to an expensive heel. The added benefit of driving shoes is that they make him feel like he has a barn full of Ferraris.

Combat boots

Combat boot man is ready for anything! Hell, yeah! Even playing video games and cleaning out Neo and Trinity’s rabbit hutch.

Running shoes

Don’t bother asking running shoe man where the lift is, or how last night’s training run went. It’s only a 23 days to go until the marathon now and he really wants to tell you what he just found out about hydration and nutrition strategies. Again.


“But everyone wore them in Phuket! First I have to stop wearing shorts and now this? Yeah, I know it’s November now.”

Hiking boots

“There’s no such things as bad weather, just the wrong clothing,” he might say. If he said anything. But he’s like the silent mountain mist. He did once ask you to feed his cats while he was off to the Cairngorns …and to be honest you were mildly curious to see if his cats were seriously vegan, like him.

So, it’s the Twenty-first century now, which quite obviously means that no footwear choice should be restricted by something as insignificant as gender, but here are a few more traditionally feminine footwear styles and what they might reveal about the wearer:

Ballet flats

Pirouetting across life’s stage with grace, the ballet flat wearer is like a swan. Serene and steady on the surface, she chooses this easy going shoe so she can keep furiously paddling underneath and never be plagued by pesky blisters.


Once upon a time, these sandals were more podiatry waiting room than fashion front row. These days, you’ll spot them on the cool girl juicing kale in the kitchen whilst she mindfully browses meditation quotes on Pinterest.

Cowboy boots

The cowgirl doesn’t take life too seriously and is always ready to lasso you at the work BBQ with a deeply poignant Dolly Parton quote, like “it’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world.” And it is.


Did you know, the actual definition of stiletto is ‘a small dagger with a slender, tapering blade’? Secretly pumped full of hairspray and venom, the stiletto is a symbol of power and its wearer likes to cut to the heart of things. Not that you should feel afraid.

Knee high boots

Giddy-up! The knee high boot brings out all those ‘strong leadership qualities’ in a person. No, not ‘bossy’, just ‘a strong leader’. Well, someone has to keep the naughty ponies in order, don’t they?


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No…it’s just Tina from Accounts Payable! Some might say that wearing high, wedge heels stems from a height insecurity but that sounds like a load of old cobblers to us.


I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. To run, not hobble for the bus. To sprint to the supermarket! And trainer girl’s inner Mel C is always ready to bounce to the boardroom and zig-a-zig-ah (seeing as The Spice Girls never revealed what zig-a-zig-ah actually means, we’ll assume it means leading a creative brainstorm or taking minutes, or something).

Whatever style of shoes your staff and visitors wear, say hello to a clean reception floor with SO Group’s mat rental service. Costing from just £1 per week, per mat. Discover more about our services today.


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