Where do SO Water source the mineral water for our office water coolers?


Where do we source the mineral water for our office water coolers?

SO Water is extracted from a 400ft well located in the breath taking South Downs National Park in West Sussex. Filtered through multiple layers of chalk, the natural mineral water in our office water coolers has nothing added and nothing taken away.

The British Nutrition Foundation recommends that adults should drink at least 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day for optimum hydration and good health.

Collecting vital minerals as it runs through strata of rock, SO Water is beneficial for health and wellbeing. Minerals help the body to perform essential functions such as balancing the nervous system, neutralising waste and maintaining the pH levels of the blood.

Delivering natural mineral water means meeting strict regulations and guidelines; we believe the hard work is worth it because it means we can offer you a better quality mineral water for your office water coolers.

Our office water coolers are contemporary and elegant in design, complementing a modern or traditional office setting.

And if you’re into green living, you’ll be pleased to learn that we care for the environment by recycling all of our water bottles.

Prices start for our office water coolers start from as little as £7.38 per week.

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