FAQ - Destroying Data - Peace of Mind


FAQ - Destroying Data - Peace of Mind

One of the most common questions for us to hear relates to peace of mind. We aim to instill 100% confidence in the service that we provide throughout every stage of us carrying out what we do.

How will I know that my materials have been destroyed?

We have the best system in place to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the outcome of our confidential waste destruction.

We issue a Certificate of Destruction for every consignment once the processes have been completed.
You will then receive a copy of this for your records.

How safe is our confidential material when it leaves our premises?

Everything we collect from our clients will be travelling in our security enhanced and modified vehicles. Within these vehicles the confidential materials are in security containers or security bags.

Before these leaves your premises each one will be secured with a numbered security seal to prevent unauthorised access.

These containers or sacks  are then moved to our specialised security vehicles. These are manned and operated by security vetted operatives. The transportation will then take place. Our security surveillance awaits these documents at our secure destruction facilities where everything is checked-in.

Can I trust the person collecting my confidential materials?

Every member of staff at SO goes through an in-depth background check.

The members of staff that deal with our clients have undergone a thorough independent vetting process. All collection staff wear smart company uniforms and carry photographic identification.

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