Why chose local?


Why chose local?



As globalisation continues to sweep the world, the opportunities for international trade and expansion have hit the roof. While the financial benefits are immense, it is also extremely important for UK consumers to support small, local businesses wherever possible. According to recent research from DataHub the British public agree, with 86% of survey respondents maintaining that they believe it is important to support UK manufacturing. To help you gain an understanding of just how essential this sentiment is, we’ve come up with the top four reasons why you should buy local!

1. Support the local economy
When you buy from small businesses, you are actively supporting the local economy. While some manufacturers may find it cheaper to produce goods overseas, this means that a big chunk of expenditure is released to foreign countries. Buying local goods keeps cash in your region and gives a direct boost to both the local and national economies.

2. Keeps UK workers skilled
Buying from small businesses means that you’re investing in the future of the local workforce. If work is continually outsourced to foreign countries, young UK workers do not have the chance to learn new skills and build prosperous careers. From farming to clothing, keeping the next generation of workers skilled and experienced is crucial.

3. Creates new jobs across the nation
One of the most effective ways to create new jobs in your region is to support local business. When work is outsourced to national and global corporations, local residents lose out on job opportunities. When you support small businesses, you are helping to create jobs, minimise employment and boost your local economy.

4. Guaranteed quality
When you purchase goods from small local businesses, the supply chain is significantly smaller than that of large global companies. This means that you have more insight into exactly where the product came from and how it was manufactured. The quality is also generally higher due to increased attention to detail and smaller output of goods. You’ll also enjoy personalised customer care that larger corporations simply cannot offer.

Given the above four reasons, supporting small local businesses is a clever choice for residents across the UK. As well as supporting your local economy, you’ll also be investing in the next generation of local workers as well as helping to create jobs and tackle regional unemployment.

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