5 Simple Ways to Make the Office Greener


5 Simple Ways to Make the Office Greener



5 Simple Ways to Make the Office Greener

As the world becomes increasingly environmentally aware, there has been a notable movement towards eco-friendly workplaces. As well as saving the environment, making the switch to greener policies will help up the eco credentials of your office. Read on for our list of the top five ways to make your office greener!

1. Always shut down electrical equipment
If your office predominantly operates on a 9-5 basis, why keep electrical equipment running 24/7? Not only does this increase your energy bills but it also contributes to unnecessary CO2 emissions. If you are reluctant to switch devices off, using hibernate mode is a great alternative.

2. Install efficient lighting
With utility bills continually on the rise, installing energy efficient lighting is not only an environmentally friendly choice but will also help to slash office overheads. There are some fantastic low energy lighting solutions out there that will ease the burden on electricity suppliers and help to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of your office. Compact fluorescents have been shown to use up to 80% less energy than standard bulbs while LED lighting is also emerging as a popular office illumination choice.

3. Introduce a recycling policy
With UK landfill space predicted to run out by 2018, the need for companies to adopt eco-friendly office recycling policies has never been more imminent. Of course, paper recycling is incredibly important however what many office managers don’t realise is that around 95% of office waste can be recycled with specialist companies such as So Group UK. From bubble wrap and tin cans to printer cartridges and polythene, nothing should be going to waste!

4. Give the kitchen an eco-friendly makeover
One of the most effective ways to improve the green credentials of your office is to cut back on plastic cups, plates and utensils. Instead, invest in non-disposable kitchenware or at least opt for biodegradable options. You should also switch to eco-friendly cleaning products and encourage employees to unplug appliances when not in use.

5. Establish a green team
As well as the obvious things such as cutting down on paper use, why not set-up an office ‘green team’ delegated with the task of coming up with fresh new ways to make the office more eco-friendly? Whether it’s setting up a car pooling system, establishing a cycle to work scheme or holding office wide recycling competitions, it’s a great way to get the whole office involved and have some fun at the same time!

By keeping in mind these five simple tips, you can empower your office with green credentials that will not only help to save the natural environment but will also reduce your overhead costs and encourage employee camaraderie.

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