Our Four Favourite Benefits Of Plumbed In Water Coolers


Our 4 Favourite Benefits Of Plumbed In Water Coolers


Our Four Favourite Benefits Of Plumbed In Water Coolers

Everyone knows that staying hydrated is an essential part of staying healthy and feeling at your best. From improving concentration and enhancing reaction times to preventing headaches and maximising performance, water coolers are a great way to up the productivity of your workforce. However as well as keeping staff hydrated, SO Group water coolers also offer a range of other fantastic benefits. Below are some of our favourites!

Safe and clean filtered water at your fingertips
Featuring an innovative inbuilt filtration system, SO Group water coolers filter the mains water supply to provide your workforce with crystal clear water that is fresh, clean and tastes great! Water coolers from SO Group are durable and designed for high use which means that no matter how thirsty your workforce, you can rest assured that your water cooler will continue to deliver.

Save cash across the board
Thanks to their connection to the mains water supply, SO Group water coolers are a cost effective investment that will save your business cash in a variety of different areas. From reducing storage costs to eliminating delivery and replacement fees, you’ll enjoy significant savings that means a water cooler will soon pay for itself. So Group offers a range of different package deals to suit all business budgets, ensuring every workplace can have access to fresh water without breaking the bank. However, bottled water coolers are also a savvy addition to any working environment – see which package you’d be better off with here.

A constant and unlimited supply of fresh water
When bottled water supplies run out, it is not an ideal situation for a thirsty workforce. When you choose to install a water cooler from SO Group, you’re ensuring your employees have access to an unlimited supply of filtered mains water at all times. This means no worrying about filing replacement orders and no disgruntled employees being forced to drink chlorinated mains H2O.

An eco-friendly option
As well as saving your business cash and providing your workforce with a constant stream of fresh, clean H2O, a water cooler from SO Group is also an environmentally responsible choice. By eliminating the need for a constant supply of large plastic bottles, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and easing the burden on landfill. You’ll also up the eco-friendly credentials of your business which is a great way to win new clients and contracts!

With fantastic benefits such as these on offer, investing in a water cooler for your business is a no brainer. From keeping your staff hydrated with fresh, clean water to upping your eco-friendly practices, a plumbed in water cooler from SO Group is a savvy addition to any workplace.

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