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The Top 6 Benefits of Entrance Mats!

The Top 6 Benefits of Entrance Mats

Today, businesses are constantly looking for ways to enhance the workplace. While some techniques are obvious, often it is the subtle touches that make the biggest difference. Entrance mats are one of the most effective additions a business can make to the workplace, offering a huge range of fantastic benefits as follows:

Keeps dirt at the door
Featuring specially engineered ‘dust control’ technology, entrance mats from So Group UK offer businesses the ultimate solution to reducing dust in the workplace. Not only does this keep areas looking spick and span but the clean air will also help to keep employees healthy. With fortnightly and monthly cleaning plans available, So Group UK ensures that mats stay looking neat and clean.

Reduces cleaning costs
By capturing grit, grime and dirt before it makes its way into the office, you can slash your overhead cleaning costs by up to 50%. Whether it’s extending the life of your carpets or cutting down the visits of your cleaning company, an entrance mat will soon pay for itself!

Prevents slips and falls
When the wet weather hits, workplace floors can become incredibly hazardous due to slippery surfaces and constant drips from shoes, coats and bags. Entrance mats put a stop to slips, trips and falls by soaking up stray water droplets before they become an issue. This ensures that both employees and visitors stay safe and injury free.

A professional look
Nothing screams professionalism quite like a polished entrance mat that welcomes visitors and enhances the company image. The huge range of colours and high definition images means there is something for every business, from corporate offices to local pet stores.

Promote your business

Thanks to the option of including a corporate logo, So Group UK mats can be used as a savvy form of promotional advertising. When you invest in a custom made entrance mat, you can ensure that your customers and clients develop a glowing first impression from the moment they set foot on your premises.

Eco friendly
When you purchase an entrance mat from So Group UK, you can rest assured that you are making an environmentally responsible choice. Every mat is laundered at an eco-friendly laundry using biodegradable cleaning products and all-natural drying techniques.

The benefits of entrance mats are vast and varied. From reducing dust and slashing cleaning costs to preventing falls and emitting an ultra-professional look, an entrance mat from So Group UK is a must have addition to any business.

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