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SO Helpful, So Honest, So Advice

If you don't know us already, we are experts in data security and data protection. We can about what you decide to do and the result.

We would like to offer advice and guidance to all types and sizes of businesses and organisations to help ensure their compliance with the Data Protection Act.

The data security tips below should provide you with some help on how best to protect your organisation's data and information. This in turn should help protect your business reputation, and prevent you from being susceptible to a fine from the Information Commissioner's Office.

Store data securely - use lockable containers and bins to store your confidential waste in when it is on your site. A large proportion of data theft is committed by employees and contractors.

Beware of carrying large amounts of confidential data - data held on unencrypted laptops, data sticks or mobile devise such as your average smartphone, needs to be protected. These gadgets are great for you, and the unprotected ones are great for thieves who can exploit your confidential information.

Destroy data properly - shred all confidential data. We would advise that you arrange for a contractor to help store, collect and securely destroy information. We don't want to blow our trumpet here too much, but we are the best at this.

Check your provider - ensure you know where your data is heading by using an accredited contractor, and check their credentials. Even better, have your data destroyed on site, using a mobile Shredding vehicle and watch the destruction.
Not only can we do this but you will always get your Certificate of Destruction.

Make sure you have an audit trail - did we mention that we provide a Certificate of Destruction? Well, we provide one of these necessities for all work carried out so that you, the customer, have a record of the destruction taking place.

Create a confidential data policy & process - if you don't have one in place you are already in the high risk category for being a victim of data theft.

Check identities - use credit reference agencies to verify the identity of your preferred suppliers and contractors.

Secure your accounts - don't allow bank details to escape to the public domain. Thieves are adept at falsifying signatures.

Inform staff - train staff, and contractors such as cleaners, on how to deal with confidential data property and monitor their behaviour. Did you know - Most fraud is committed by people who work within the organisation.

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