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SO Helping you avoid the fines

Did you know the NHS were fined £325,000 for allowing patient data to fall into the wrong hands?

Scottish Borders Council were fined £250,000 when their employees' pension records were found in a paper recycling bank at a local supermarket.

These fines could have been avoided.

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to dispose of confidential waste properly. Not only can we keep you on the right side of the law, we can also help reduce your Carbon Footprint. Our shredding service recycles paper waste after it has been properly shredded and destroyed.

Helping you meet your Data Protection Obligations

SO Shredding service provides several tools to help you meet your data protection obligations and avoid unnecessary fines.

Lockable confidential waste bins - we'll supply these bins for use on your premises to ensure the security of confidential waste and prevention of theft.

Secure vehicle transit - Our vehicles are fitted with high security systems that include alarms, automatic vehicle locking on drive-off, two-way measuring, order tracing and vehicle tracking devices.
Our vehicles are equipped with live vehicle monitoring and live traffic information, with automatic route diverts to avoid delays.

24 hour CCTV monitoring - all consignments are unloaded under supervision and under 24 hour CCTV monitoring.

Destruction Certificate - our trained and vetted staff will provide you with a certificate of destruction once the waste if disposed of. You can then have peace of mind in knowing you've complied with the letter of the law.

We also fragment and recycle CDs and DVDs, microfiche, disks and audio & video cassettes.

We can also take care of the destruction and disposal of old PC's and media - we also digital data safe from the wrong hands.

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