Our top Shredding related questions


Top Shredding questions

Ensuring your shredding is carried out legally and efficiently makes perfect business sense and any responsible business will work towards the ideal scenario.

Having said that, there will still be obstacles and questions along the way. When we speak with different businesses we often encounter the questions that most have, for instance, Why? What is the best practice for document destruction? Why should I outsource this?

Here are our top questions. Whilst you read through this, try to note whether or not your questions would have been the same or similar.

Why should any Company Shred documents?

This is a common question from start ups and smaller companies.
Not only will shredding documents keep your sensitive information safe, but you also have a legal responsibility to keep employee and customer information from falling into the wrong hands. Simply throwing these documents away is not enough. You need to actually destroy these documents.

We have a paper shredder here in the office, why do we need you? Why should we outsource?

Having an office shredder can have its advantages, however, most cannot accommodate the sizable quantities of documents. Have you used your shredder? You may have noticed that it takes a while to get through the documents.
The larger document shredders cost a lot.

All things considered, it makes sense to outsource as it is the most effective method of destruction and the most cost-effective way to dispose of your sensitive documents.

How do I know the destruction has taken place?

We understand your concern here, and it is common. Here at SO, we provide a certificate of document destruction.

This includes data and method of destruction along with the description of the disposed materials and the dates covered. This statement shows that records were destroyed as part of the normal course of business and signatures and names of individuals supervising and witnessing the destruction will also be on the document. You will receive this once the records are destroyed.

Rest assured - there is no data recovery power in the world that will be able to restore what we destroy.

For a fresh approach to confidential waste destruction and paper shredding contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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