Mat Rental and Cleaning Services from SO MATS in Hampshire

Did you ever think that something as subtle as a floor mat could massively impact on your business? Well, it can. Discover more about mat rental from SO Mats.

Mats in the workplace can promote your business, improve your company image, reduce the risk of accidents and save you money. From delivery and installation, to fortnightly or monthly cleaning and replacement, our quality mat rental service keeps your working environment safe, healthy and clean.

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Image mats can feature a range of customised high definition images, including your company logo. and available in a wide range of colours. Branded mats are ideal for welcoming guests and visitors, enhancing your premises, and promoting your brand or company image.

All our mats are laundered in our local eco-friendly laundry, using biodegradable cleaning technology and natural drying methods to guarantee quality control and high environmental standards.

  •  Mat rental & servicing
  •  Very competitive pricing
  •  Mats rotated for cleaning to suit you
  •  Tired mats replaced free of charge
  •  Corporate logo mat rental available
  •  Specialist size and colours are avaible to suit your requirement
  •  Huge range of anti-fatique and safety matting


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